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A Yat Encyclopedic Reference

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Yat refers to a unique dialect of English spoken in New Orleans.. The term also refers to those people who speak with a Yat accent. The name comes from the common use amongst said people of the greeting, "Where y'at?" (Where you at?), which is a way of asking, "How are you?" The Yat dialect sounds similar to that of New York City natives.  It's influences come from the melting pot that is New Orleans and the many immigrants form diverse places who immigrated here such creating a language from diverse influences such as  African and Caribbean,  Louisiana Creole French and Southern American English, dialects. The term often refers specifically to speakers of Yat, and is often used as a term to describe any person from New Orleans.  Above is an A-Z listing of Yat language and culture which we hope will give the reader a better understanding of where we at.  Look for the symbol for correct pronunciations provided by "Antnee from Touro Tech," Yat scholar.