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SATCHMO (Louis Armstrong) New Orleans gift to the world.  The King of Jazz. An iconic Legend.

SCHWEGMANN'S BAG - A bag from the now defunct Schwegmann Brothers Giant Supermarket chain  . Or in New Orleans any paper grocery bag like referring to a tissue as Kleenex. During election season the bag's featured the political endorsement of the stores owner political icon John Schwegmann.

SHOOT-DA-CHUTE - A playground slide.

SHOW, DA SHOW  - The cinema. The movie house. The local motion picture emporium. 

SILVER DIME   - A small coin of U.S. currency, worth ten cents. Always pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable, <SIL-vah dime>,

SKEETA HAWK  - Or, "mosquito hawk", the local name for a dragonfly.

SOSSIDGE  - A meat preparation, made of various kinds of ground meats, seafood and spices, stuffed into a casing. Usually spelled "sausage" by English speakers, but pronounced in New Orleans as you see here, always <SAH-sage> and not <SAW-sage>.

SPORTS - New Orleans At-leats and uddas from da woild a sports.

STOOP  - Usually expressed as "da stoop". The front steps to your house, where you sit and chat with your neighbors.

SUCK DA HEAD , SQUEEZE DA TIP - The technique for eating crawfish.