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PARISH - A Louisiana state administrative district, analogous to the American "county". When used by locals in the phrase "da parish", it generally means St. Bernard Parish specifically, which is suburban to New Orleans.


PARRAINE - Pronounced <PAH-ran>. Your godfather.

PASS BY - To stop at a place, for a visit or to accomplish something. "I'ma pass by ya house later."

PASSION MARK - The little red mark you get on your neck (or elsewhere) after a passionate session of necking. Known as  "hickey" or a "love bite" everywhere Pronounced <PASH'n mawk>,

PECAN - A nut indigenous to the South, and beloved in New Orleans as an ingredient in pies and pralines. Pronounced <p@-KAWN>, not <PEE-can>.  Someone who is considered crazy in New Orleans is called a "gone pecan".

PO-BOY - The quintessential New Orleans lunch, a sandwich on  New Orleans French bread. It ain't a sub, a hero or hoagie.

PE-LAY - To strike someone usually with a thrown object.

PODNA  - A form of address for men, usually for ones with whom one is not acquainted. Frequently used in the emphatic statement, "I tell you what, podna Pontchartrain

POLITICIANS,  LAWYERS.& SOLDIERS - New Orleans Politicians and more

Pontchartrain BEACH - The New Orleans Amusement Park 1928-1983.
Pontchartrain Beach Jingle (From Bob Walker's Radio Memories of New Orleans)

PRALINE - A sugary Creole candy, invented in New Orleans  made with sugar, brown sugar, butter, vanilla and pecans, and is a flat sugary pecan-filled disk. Pronounced PRAWL-EEN Not  <PRAY-leen>