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NASH - Nash C. Roberts, Jr. Weather God of New Orleans.  Once again the first name only will immediately bring this legendary New Orleans icon to mind to any local.  The dean of weathermen (Meteorologists).   During hurricane season when any storm made it's way into the Gulf we waited with bated breath for Nash to bring out his black marker and show us on his map where the storm's predicted landfall would be.   Nash worked his magic originally at WDSU in 1951 (where he was one of the nations first TV meteorologists) and later at WVUE and WWL before retiring after fifty years on the local airways in 2001. 

NEUTRAL GROUND - Median elsewhere.  The grassy or cement strip in the middle of the road.

NEW ORLEENS - The way  tourists pronounce "New Orleans". Natives do not do this. OK in  song lyrics, as in "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans", for in referring to "Orleans Parish",  pronounced <or-LEENS>.

NUTTINONIT  - A po-boy that is not dressed.