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MAKE GROCERIES , MAKIN' GROCERIES - To do grocery shopping. Thought to have originated with the French expression for grocery shopping, "faire le marché".

MARDI GRAS - Pre-Lenten celebration for which New Orleans is famous (although some say it started in Mobile) is pronounced <MAW-dee GRAW>.

MARRAINE  - Pronounced <MAH-ran>. Your godmother. Elsewhere the terms "nanny" and "nanan" (pronounced NAH-nan) are also used for godmother.

MAW-MAW - Ya grandma.

MOM-N-NEM momnnem.mp3 -  See YAMAMMA'N'EM

MIRLITON - A vegetable pear or chayote squash, which grows wild in Louisiana and in backyards throughout New Orleans. Pronounced <MEL-lee-tawn>, usually stuffed with shrimp, ham or gound meat and rice.

MONKEY HILL Highest point in New Orleans.  Located in Audubon Park (Zoo) in the location where the monkeys were prior to the Zoo renovation.

MORGUS - Dr. Momus Alexander Morgus 'AKA Morgus the Magnificent," noted director of the Momus Alexander Morgus Institute (MAMI) this "Friend of Science" has led members of New Orleans "Higher Order' from his location at the "Old City Ice House" along with his faithful companion Chopsley in pursuit of the scientific breakthroughs since the late 1950's 


MUFFULETTA - A quintessential New Orleans Italian sandwich, of ham, Genoa salami, Provolone cheese and marinated olive salad on a round seeded Italian loaf. Credited with being invented at Central Grocery on Decatur in the French Quarter. Locals pronounce this <muff-@-LOT-@>, also called a  "muff".

MUSICIANS - Dis is a long list and dem some.  We wrote da book.


MYNEZ  - Mayonnaise.  Blue Plate is king.