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FALSTAFF - Not Shakespeare.  National beer brewer which had brewery located on Gravier Street in Mid City that was noted for it's tower with a light on top which gave the weather forecast.  The tower was a vertical electrical sign spelling out “Falstaff” with a large ball on top. The ball would light up green if fair, red if cloudy, red and white if raining, and flashing red and white if storms were approaching. The letters spelling out “Falstaff” signaled the temperature; they flashed on and off if the temperature was constant and lit from top to bottom if temperatures were falling, and from bottom to top if rising. (Stephen Faure)

FATS - (ANTIONE "FATS" DOMINO)  New Orleans music legend and most famous resident of "Da Nint Wawd"   All you need to say is Fats and anyone from New Orleans knows who you are speaking about.  Original member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Enough said.



FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Administration - or whatever you make the letters stand for.

FLYIN' HOSSES (HORSES)   - A merry-go-round,  or carousel.

FOR - a preposition  instead of "at" or "by" usually referring to a time "Betta git dere for 6.".

FRONTROOM  - The Living Room or front room in a shotgun house or anybody's house.

FROSTOP - !950's and 1960's burger chain with many locations in New Orleans at on time.  A few remnants exist such as Ted's on Claiborne.  Noted for it's giant root beer mug some of which have been converted to other sign's (such as the former Roger King of Shrimp on St. Claude). Home of the Lot-O-Burger and one of the world's greatest root-beer floats.

F'SURE   -  A statement of agreement. See YEAH YOU RITE.

F'TRUE   -  As a question, it means "Is that so?" or "Ya kiddin'!!". When phrased as a statement, it's an affirmation.