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 Yat Encyclopedic Reference

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DA - The.

DAT -  That.

DAWLIN' - AKA - Darling. A universal form of address. Used by women to refer to both sexes, men towards women.

DEM - Them.

DEBRIS -  Not the stuff they gutted out ya house afta da storm!  It's the residue of broken up Roast Beef in the gravy left over after the big pieces of meat are gone used to make a "Debris Po'Boy"

DERE - There.

DESE , DOSE  - These, those.

DIXIE - Famous song of the South published in New Orleans and the local brew.

DIS - This.

DODO , MAKE DODO  - Sleep.

DOUBLOON   - A coin, approximately the size of a silver dollar, usually made of aluminum and thrown from Mardi Gras floats by the parade riders. Each Krewe (Organization) throws a new version each year. 


DOWN DA ROAD -  Lower St. Bernard Parish  down St. Bernard Highway.

DRESSED - A sandwich or  po-boy, "dressed" indicates lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayonnaise (AKA-Mynez).  Also known as "dragged through da garden"

DRIVE-IN THEATRE - You could "Do It At the Do" and other drive-in theatres in the New Orleans area, such as the Skyview, Airline, Westgate, St. Bernard and others until the early eighties.  Light your pic because the mosquitos are biting and let the rest of the kids out the trunk.  The concession stand will close in five minutes!