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 Yat Encyclopedic Reference

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CAMELLIA - The Cadillac of Red Beans.Camellia Red Kidneys

CAP  - A form of address for men, usually ones with whom you are not acquainted.  Like CHIEF, PODNA and BRA.

CAW - Automobile, car.

CATLICK - Catholic

CEMENT - A standard English word, pronounced  <SEE-ment>,in New Orleans

CHALMETIAN, CHALMATION - Someone from Chalmette<shall-MET>, a city in St. Bernard Parish <shall-MET>.

CHARMER - The quintessential female Yat. Pronounced <CHAW-muh>.

CHIEF, CHEEF -   A form of address between men, like  PODNA and BRA".

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS and DECORATIONS - Centanniis house on Canal, Chicken King Al Copeland and the lobby of the Fairmont (Roosevelt) Hotel along with Mr. Bingle and the Canal Street decorations made Christmas Past festive and colorful in the Crescent City.  Today Celebration in the Oaks at City Park continues the tradition. 

City Park - (Da Pawk) One of the nations great urban parks famous for it's Live Oaks.  A monument to nature and the WPA constructed Parks of the "New Deal."

CRIME -  We've got a great history of crime and criminals here in New Orleans.  We'd like to have a little less in the future.

CRYSTAL - Heading west on I-10 in MId-City right before the cemetaries you were greated by this landmark sign reminding you of New Orleans own preserves and the maker of the local hot sauce made by Baumer Foods. 

COOK & CHIEFS - Famous people who wuz cookin in New Orleans.