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BACKATOWN -   section of New Orleans from the River to North Claiborne


BUCCANEERS (New Orleans professional basketball team the American Basketball Association  1967-1970

BALI HAI - Famous New Orleans Polynesian theme  restaurant located on Ponchartrain Beach property.  A favorite prom date location

BANQUETTE -  The sidewalk. Pronounced <BANK-it>.

BARQ'S -  Is it root beer?  New Orleans originated sarsaparilla based soft drink.  Now brewed and marketed nationally by Coca-Cola it is New Orleans quintessential accompaniment to any Po-Boy. 

BAT'TROOM -   Bathroom

BERL - Boil

BID-NESS -   Business

(MR.) BINGLE - Snowman puppet created by Maison Blanche in advertising campaign to promote kiddy toys a staple of adolescent TV viewing for Baby Boomers looking to catch the latest toys to add to Santa's list

BINHAVIN, BEEN HAVIN' - To have had something for a long time

BINLOOKIN, BEEN LOOKIN'  - To have searched for something for a long time.

BLUE RUNNER - Quick fix of red bed beans in can. Add sausage heat and serve over rice.

BOBO -   A small injury or wound.

BOO -   A term of endearment, usually for small children

BRA -   A form of address for men, usually one with whom you are not acquainted. Abbreviation for "brother."

BRAKE TAG   - An inspection sticker on your car, proof that you've passed the required annual safety inspection. Throughout the New Orleans area the inspection sticker is called a "brake tag".



BEER BREWERIES - At one time New Orleans had over 30 breweries.  Until the early 70's Jax, Falstaff, Regal and others were staples of New Orleans.  Dixie the "King" of New Orleans beers was brewed at the company's Tulane Avenue until Katrina struck in 2005.

BROWNIE - A heck of a job by the federal government during Katrina.

BUDDY D ( Bernard "Buddy" Diliberto)- World famous Yat icon.  Noted Sportswriter (Times Picayune, Clarion Herald) and TV and Radio Sportscaster.  Famous for creating the tradition of wearing a bag on one's head in protest of one's teams pitiful performance (see 1980 New Orleans Saints).  Successor to Hap Glaudi as host of the Point After sports radio show on WWL-am.  Buddy dies in early 2005 (Thank gawd before Katrina) never to fulfill his dream of wearing a dress if the Saints won a Superbowl.  A legend.


BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS - Famous New Orleans Bid-ness people


BY MY HOUSE , BY YOUR HOUSE , etc. To go to or have been to a house.