See New Orleans

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 Yat Encyclopedic Reference

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ACADEMIA - People from or who was in New Orleans who learnt something and learnt others

ALGERIAN - Someone from Algiers (part of the City of New Orleans  on the West Bank).


ANGELA -  Angela Hill WWL-TV newscaster who formerly teamed with ex-hubby Garland Robinette (Gawlin ní Angela). 

ANYWAYS  - And, then; and, so.

ARABIAN - Someone from Arabi, in St. Bernard Parish.

ARTS & LITERATURE  - New Orleans Writers and Artists

AWRITE  - The appropriate response to the greeting "Where y'at?" Also, a greeting in and of itself: "Awrite, Ed!"

AWRITE, HAWT  - A female response of agreement (All right Heart).

AX    - Ask.