Y’all- The plural form of the second person verb, “you all”. It’s not pronounced as theysay in the rest of the south, there’s no drawl or twang.  Non of that “You guys” stuff either.

Ya  – You, your.

Ya Mama   – Your mother. Used in a variety of ways, usually endearing. Also usable as an insult, specifically as a simple retort when one is insulted first; simply say, “Ya mamma.”

Yam-mama- n-nem  – A collective term for your immediate family, as in “Hey dawlin’, how’s ya-mamap-nem?” Spoken as one word.

Yat  – A colloquialism for any person from New Orleans dialects of English spoken in New Orleans, Louisiana. The term also refers to those people who speak with a Yat accent. The name comes from the common use amongst said people of the greeting, “Where y’at?” (Where you at?), which is a way of asking, “How are you?

Yeah, you rite  – An emphatic statement of agreement and affirmation, sometimes used as a general exclamation of happiness. The accent is on the first word, and it’s spoken as one word.