Went  – When a neighborhood or area begins a state of economic decline. “The nint wawd really went afta Betsy.”  Any period before the decline was referred to as “before it went”

Albert Baldwin Wood is the man who made New Olrena dry and habitable.  An inventor and engineer who was from New Orleans, he graduated from Tulane University and was hired by the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans in 1899, to try to improve the flood-prone city’s drainage.  He invented “flapgates” and other hydraulic devices, most notably his efficient low-maintenance, high-volume pumps including the Wood Screw Pump and the Wood Trash Pump. He spearheaded swampland reclamation and development of much of the land now occupied by the city. Without him, we wouldn’t be here, much less ain’t dere no more.

Where you stay – Where do you live?

Where Ya At!  – The traditional New Orleanian greeting, and the source for the term “Yat”, often used (primarily by non-New Orleanians, it is said) to describe New Orleanians with the telltale accent. The proper response is, “Awrite.”

Wrench  – To clean something under running water. “Aw baby, ya hands ‘r filthy! Go wrench ’em off in da zink.” See ZINK.

WDSU-TV First TV station in News Orleans.  It was the ‘country club” of TV in the 50’s and 60’s with such local icons as Alec Gifford, Mel Levitt, Wayne Mack, Nash Roberts and more.


New Orleans premier news station from the 1970’s on.  Its news staff included Garland Robinette and Angela Hill, Bill Elder, Nash Roberts, Hap Glaudi and Jim Henderson.