On da wes bank – The West Bank of the Mississippi River, actually due south of New Orleans , includes such places as Algiers, Gretna, and Marrero.

also known as  Ova  da rivuh

Or what  – Pronounced <r WUT>, and placed at the end of a question:

Ova bah  – A general replacement for the prepositions “at” and “to”, particularly when referring to someone’s home, or a destination in general. “Where ya goin’?” “Ova bah ya mam mamma’s.”


Ova bah yam-mama-n-dem

Joe “King” Oliver, musician  Early New Orleans Jazz trumpet player.  Influenced Louis Armstrong.

Lee Harvey Oswald,  New Orleans native, alleged assassin of JFK  Beauregard Junior High and Warren Easton High school alum.