Wayne Mack New Orleans, Sportscaster, TV personality.  Kidde show hero, “The Great McNutt”  Three Stooges co-star, what a New Orleans life.

Maison Blanche Department Store      It was founded in 1897 by Isidore Newman, an immigrant from Germany it was one of New Orleans leading local department stores.  MB or M -Bees as the locals called it was the home of Mr. Bingle

Make Groceries (Make Gross-Rees), May-kin-gross-rees)’ GROCERIES – To do grocery shopping. Thought to have originated with the French expression for grocery shopping, “faire le marché”.

Pete (Pistol Pete) Maravich basketball Hall of Famer, who played for LSU and the New Orleans Jazz a local and Louisiana legend.

Carlos Marcello, Was a New Orleans bid-ness-man (tomato salesman) and mafia boss.

Manning – Archie Manning, former New Orleans Saints quarterback, father of Peyton and Eli.  Eli ManningNew York Giants quarterback, son of Archie and brother of Payton born and raised in New Orleans. Peyton Manning, former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback son of Archie and brother of Payton born and raised in New Orleans.

Jayne Mansfield was an actress and 50’s and 60’s “sex symbol’ who died in an auto accident on Chef Menteur Highway in east New Orleans in 1967.

Marsalis  – Branford Marsalis,  is musician, (alto, soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophones) from New Orleans. Ellis Marsalis Jr., is musician (piano) and educator.  He is the patriarch of the Marsalis musical family from New Orleans.Jason Marsalis, musician (drums, vibraphone). Wynton Marsalis, Renowned classical and jazz musician, (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn)

Mardi Gras   <MAW-dee GRAW>.  (Carnival) New Orleans biggest celebration is concentrated for about two weeks before and through Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday (the start of lent in the Catholic tradition).  Parades, throws, balls and king cakes. The big day is just a Tuesday almost every place else.  Only problem wit it is dey “ain’t no place to pee on Mardi Gras day.”

Mardi Gras Indians  are black Carnival revelers who dress up for Mardi Gras in hand made suits influenced by American Indian ceremonial apparel.  There are approximately 38 Indian groups called, tribes that range in size from half a dozen to several dozen members. The groups are largely independent, but loosely coordinate the Uptown Indians and the Downtown Indians.  Led by a “Big Chief” with, “Fly Boys” and “Spy Boys” in the ranks.
Mardi Gras Indians are black Carnival revelers who dress up for Mardi Gras in hand made suits influenced by American Indian ceremonial apparel. There are approximately 38 Indian groups called, tribes that range in size from half a dozen to several dozen members. The groups are largely independent, but loosely coordinate the Uptown Indians and the Downtown Indians. Led by a “Big Chief” with, “Fly Boys” and “Spy Boys” in the ranks.

Marriane   – Pronounced <MAH-ran>. Your godmother. Elsewhere the terms “nanny” and “nanan” (pronounced NAH-nan) are also used for godmother.

Master P, a New Orleans native rapper, businessman, and mogul.

Mayors of New Orleans Maestri, Chep, Slick Vic, Moon, Dutch, Ray and more.

Cosimo Matassa ,   recording engineer and studio owner, responsible for many R&Band early rock and roll recordings.  crucial to the development of the sound of R&B, rock and soul of the 1950s and 1960s, often working with the producers Dave Bartholomew and Allen Toussaint. He recorded many hits, including Fats Domino’s “The Fat Man” (a contender for the first rock and roll record), Little Richard‘s “Tutti Frutti“, and records by Ray CharlesLee DorseyDr. JohnSmiley LewisBobby MitchellTommy Ridgley, the Spiders and many others. He was responsible for developing what became known as the New Orleans sound, with strong drums, heavy guitar and bass, heavy piano, light horns and a strong vocal lead.

Maw-Maw  – Ya grandma.

Michoud –  We not only built the land crafts that landed the troops that liberated Europe and the Pacific in World War II, we built the rockets that took us to the moon and later the Space Shuttle.  Built by hardworking Yats.

The History of Michoud from NASA Michoud Assembly Facility on Vimeo.



Ant-nee’s Mom-n-Nem circa 1960

Mom-N-Nem  – Your family (Your Mother and your immediate family and close extended family to visit someone in this group or collectively is to go-by- ya-mom-n-em.  Pictured on da right is
Ant-nee’s Mom-n-Nem circa 1960.

Allison ‘Tootie’ Montana,  “chief of chiefs” He was the Big Chief of the Yellow Pocahontas Tribe.  Indian Red

Mirliton –  (Mel-a-tawn) A vegetable pear or chayote squash, which grows wild in Louisiana and in backyards throughout New Orleans. Pronounced <MEL-lee-tawn>, usually stuffed with shrimp, ham or ground meat and rice.  Ant-nee says how you stuff a mel-a-tawn is to put mine-ez on it and sit on it real slow.

Monkey Hill – Allegedly the Highest point in New Orleans.  Built in the 1930’s by the WPA it’s located in Audubon Park (Zoo) in the location where the monkeys were prior to the Zoo renovation.  Many a chuckle was had by New Orleans school kids as they say the derrieres of the crazed monkeys running up and down this noted bump in a flat as aboard New Orleans.

Jim Mora was the head coach of the New Orleans Saints for 11 years bringing the team its first winning season and playoff berths.  He is famous for his postgame tirades and press conferences, including his oft-quoted “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” “Diddly Poo,” and “Playoffs?” rants.  He took the Saints close, but as Jim said, “close don’t mean s..t

Oliver “Who Shot The La La” Morgan was an New Orleans R&B singer famous for his musical murder mystery “Who Shot the La La” .  He speculated, “I bet it was a 44”.

Momus Alexander Morgus “Morgus the Magnifigant”

Morgus – Dr. Momus Alexander Morgus ‘AKA Morgus the Magnificent,” the reknowned  director of the Momus Alexander Morgus Institute (MAMI) .  This  “Friend of Science” has led members of New Orleans “Higher Order’ from his location at the “Old City Ice House” along with his faithful companion Chopsley in pursuit of the scientific breakthroughs since the late 1950’s.   “Chopsley”, in real life was a 6-foot-7  motorcycle cop for the St. Bernard Sherrif’s  Office. Eric the Skull was Morgus’ yes man  who only proclaimed “Yes, Master” in addition to his vocal intro to the show , “Good Evening and Welcome…..”  Morgus was created by Sidney Noel Rideau” New Orleans actor radio host.

Muffuletta– (Moof-A-lotta,  Muff-A-lotta, Muff, Moof) A quintessential New Orleans Italian sandwich, of ham, Genoa salami, Provolone cheese and marinated olive salad on a round seeded Italian loaf. Credited with being invented at Central Grocery on Decatur in the French Quarter.

National World War II Museum

Museums – New Orleans offers a multitude of museums many reflecting the city’s rich history.  They include: New Orleans Pharmacy Museum  a mid-1800s apothecary shop displays voodoo, medical and pharmaceutical cures and treatments throughout New Orleans history, Old U.S. Mint – holds the  New Orleans Jazz Club collection of instruments used by the city’s jazz legends,  The National World War II Museum – dedicated to World War II with a focus on the D-Day invasion and the Pacific Theatre. Exhibits include a reproduction of the Higgins boat (designed and built in New Orleans) that brought the troops ashore, artifacts, weapons, uniforms, interactive stations, and films such as D-Day Remembered,  Mardi Gras World  is a look behind the magic of Mardi Gras a showcase of carnival, with thousands of sensational sculptured props and breath-taking giant figures by premier Mardi Gras float maker, Jackson Barracks Military Museum the Louisiana National Guard museum displays artifacts, weapons, and memorabilia from every major American war including tanks and military aircraftAquarium of the Americas , exhibits sharks, penguins and exotic fish.  Caribbean reef, sea otter gallery and more,  Historic New Orleans Collection  is a permanent showcase of the city’s history, The Cabildo  is the  site of the Louisiana Purchase Transfer.  The museum houses a large permanent exhibition of Louisiana history through the Civil War and Reconstruction,  The Presbytere  offers a Mardi Gras exhibit,  Williams Research Center is a historical collection of art, letters, maps, artifacts, documents and more detailing the history of Louisiana and surrounding areas, Louisiana Children’s Museum , offers nteractive exhibits and hands-on learning about science, nature and everyday life, Memorial Hall Foundation – Confederate Civil War Museum  is the second largest collection of Confederate memorabilia in the world in the oldest continually operating museum in Louisiana,  New Orleans Museum of Art located in City Park, is one of the nation’s largest and most important art museums features permanent collections and major touring art exhibitsRivertown U.S.A. is a mall town “Main Street” setting on Kenner riverfront featuring three blocks of museums.,

Music – Dis is a long list and dem some.  We wrote da book.

August Alsina, singer/songwriter, music
Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews, musician,  music
Phil Anselmo, musician, music
Louis Armstrong, musician and entertainer, music
Achille Baquet, musician
George Baquet, musician music
Paul Barbarin, musician and composer music
Pat Barberot, band leader music and more
Dave Bartholomew, musician, composer, promoter music
Sidney Bechet, musician music
Better Than Ezra, rock group music
Terence Blanchard, musician and composer music
Buddy Bolden, musician, early jazz figure books and more
James Booker, musician, music
Connee Boswell, singer, member of the Boswell Sisters singing group music
Helvetia “Vet” Boswell, singer, member of the Boswell Sisters singing group
Martha Boswell, singer, member of the Boswell Sisters singing group
Jimmy Bower, guitarist, drummer music
George Brunis, jazz trombonist music
Henry “Professor Longhair” Byrd,  pianist, singer music
C-Murder, rapper, convict, brother of Master P music
Paul Caporino, songwriter, musician, lead singer of M.O.T.O.
Alton “Big Al” Carson, blues singer music
Alex Chilton, songwriter, guitarist, music producer, singer of the Box Tops and Big Star  music
Jon Cleary, funk and R&B musician music
Lee Collins, jazz trumpeter music
Harry Connick Jr., musician and entertainer music
Cowboy Mouth, band music
Barry Cowsill, musician music
Edmond Dede, musician, composer  books
Fernando del Valle, operatic tenor
Dr. John, musician  music
Johnny Dodds, jazz clarinetist and saxophonist music

Fats Domino, musician music
Lee Dorsey, singer music
Champion Jack Dupree, pianist, singer  music
Frankie Dusen, jazz trombonist
Ernie K-Doe, singer, “Emperor of the Universe”  music
Lionel Ferbos, jazz musician
Rico Love, singer/songwriter music
Frankie Ford, singer, entertainer music
Pete Fountain, musician, clarinet player, jazz, pop, and swing music
Frank Froeba, musician, jazz, pianist, bandleader
George Girard, musician music
Victor Goines, jazz musician, dean of jazz at the Juilliard School music
Louis Moreau Gottschalk, pianist and composer music
Kevin Griffin, musician, lead singer for Better than Ezra   music
Donald Harrison, musician   music
Clarence “Frogman” Henry, singer and musician music
Al Hirt, musician, trumpet, jazz, pop, and swing music
Moses Hogan, musician, composer music
Linda Hopkins, blues and gospel singer music
Noah Howard, jazz musician music
Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer music
Jay Electronica, rapper and producer music
N.O. Joe, music producer, musician
Little Sonny Jones, blues singer music
Juvenile, rapper music
Freddie Keppard, jazz cornetist music
Kid Ory, musician music
Earl King, musician music
Papa Jack Laine, bandleader music
Nick LaRocca, early jazz figure music
Meghan Linsey, singer-songwriter music
Lil Romeo, rapper music 
Lil Wayne, rapper music
Lloyd, singer music
Wingy Manone, jazz trumpeter, and singer music
Branford Marsalis, musician, alto, soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophones music
Ellis Marsalis, musician and educator, piano music
Jason Marsalis, musician (drums, vibraphone)  music
Wynton Marsalis, musician, trumpet, cornet, flumpet, flugelhorn music
Master P, rapper, businessman, and mogul music
Irvin Mayfield, musician music
Cosimo Mattasa,  recording engineer and studio owner, responsible for many R&B and early rock and roll recordings. music
The Meters, musicians and singers music
Lizzie Miles, singer music
Joseph “Zisaboo” Modeliste, drummer, founding member of the Meters music
Mr. Quintron, organist music
Deacon John Moore, musician and bandleader music
Jelly Roll Morton, musician and composer, early jazz figure music
Mystikal, rapper music
Aaron Neville,  singer  music
The Neville Brothers, musicians and singers music
Ivan Neville,, R&B music
Randy Newman, musician music
Leo Nocentelli, guitarist, founding member of the Meters music
Joe “King” Oliver, musician music
Lisette Oropesa, opera singer, soprano music
Jimmy Palao, musician, bandleader
Earl Palmer, musician music
Nicholas Payton, musician music
Marguerite Piazza, operatic soprano music
George Porter Jr., musician music  
Louis Prima, musician (trumpet), singer, bandleader, entertainer, “The King of the Swing” music
Professor Longhair, “Henry Roeland Byrd” musician music
The Radiators, rock band music
Mac Rebennack, “Dr. John” music
Rebirth Brass Band, band music
Kermit Ruffins, jazz trumpeter, singer and composer music
Paul Sanchez, singer-songwriter and guitarist music
Bill Sinegal, bassist and songwriter wrote and recorded Mardi Gras classic “Second Line, Parts 1 and 2” 
Brian Stoltz, musician, songwriter, record producer music
Stooges Brass Band, New Orleans funk brass band music
Irma Thomas, rhythm and blues singer, “Soul Queen of New Orleans” music
Allen Toussaint, musician, composer, record producer music
Trombone Shorty, trombone player music
Spencer Williams, the songwriter, wrote Basin Street Blues and I Ain’t Got Nobody classic recorded by Louis Prima with “Just A Gigolo melody
Linnzi Zaorski,    jazz singer  music
Zebra, band music

My-nez, Man-ez   – Mayonnaise.  Blue Plate is king.