Jean Lafitte, was a French pirate and privateer in the Gulf of Mexico in the early 19th century.   By 1805, he operated a warehouse in New Orleans to move goods smuggled by his brother Pierre Lafitte. In 1807, the Lafittes moved their operations to an island in Barataria Bay, running a smuggling operation and began to engage in piracy. In September 1814 an American Naval force invaded and captured most of Lafitte’s fleet. Later, in return for a legal pardon for the smugglers, Lafitte and his comrades helped General Andrew Jackson defend New Orleans against the British in  Battle of New Orleans in 1815.

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Lagniappe  – Pronounced <LAN-yap>. A little something extra. Lagniappe is when you buy something such a food product donuts for example and the baker gives you 13 when you order a dozen.

Locka   – Closet, where you hang your clothes or store other personal articles.

Looka  – Requesting someone to look at something or someone.. Usually accompanied by a pointing gesture.

Look-it-duh-TV  – To watch TV.

Loyola University New Orleans    (Lie-ole-ah)  is a private, co-educational, Jesuit university located in Uptown New Orleans on St. Charles Avenue Originally established as Loyola College in 1904, the institution was chartered as a university in 1912. It bears the name of the Jesuit founder, Saint Ignatius of Loyola.