K&B, KB, KB’s Katz and Besthoff was a local drug store for decades, beloved by locals, whose trademark color was a deep purple. Everything in KB was purple.  It’s famous radio and TV jingles for K&B, included the lyrics, “Look on every corner and what do you see? A big purple sign that says ‘Your Friendly K&B!'”  K and B also used to produce it’s own ice cream which was a local staple.  For more on K and B go to the  K&B memorial page.

Katrina    – On August 29, 2005,  Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans metro area.  The largest disaster in the history of the United States, it flooded most of the metro area making it uninhabitable for hundreds of thousands of residents displacing them from their homes for months or years, with some never to return.  She broke our hearts but couldn’t kill our spirit.

Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans Nooks and More

Blaine Kern, Mardi Gras float designer, and builder  The Master Builder of Carnival



Earl King singer, guitarist, and songwriter who wrote or recorded, numerous New Orleans classics such as   “Big Chief” (recorded by Professor Longhair), one of the most important figures in New Orleans R&B.


Krauss  (Krauss-iz)  Department Store was opened 1903 on  Canal Street by Leon Fellman and his nephews, the Krauss brothers—Max, Alfred, Leopold, and Fritz.  Krauss was the first department store to install air conditioning in 1925 and also the first to have escalators—then known as mechanical stairs. They stocked obscure items not available at large chains and porvided top service to its loyal customers. Krauss closed in 1997