Gawd  – A supernatural deity, worshipped by most New Orleanians. Also known as Jezuz Gawd.

Alec Gifford    Legendary New Orleans TV newsman for WDSU-TV and WVUE-TV

Jim Garrison, district attorney of Orleans Parish.  Prosecuted bid-ness man Clay Shaw for conspiring to kill JFK in 1969.

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 John Gilliam –  New Orleans Saints hero who ran the opening kickoff of the Saints first regular season game against the Los Angeles Rams on September 17, 1967, 94 yards for a touchdown.  Twenty years of futility followed.

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Ginny Women   – An effeminate male.  Same as a Sissy.

Go cup – A paper or plastic cup for consumption of alcoholic beverages out on the street.   Anywhere else you will be arrested.



Gondola – A ski lift type suspended cable car transit system that took passengers over the Mississippi River from the 1984 World’s Fair site to the West Bank.  In New Orleans, we pronounced it “Da Gon-dole-a”

The Great McNutt – Character created by versatile New Orleans TV icon Wayne Mack on the kiddies show he hosted in the 1960’s which featured the film shorts of the three wise men known as the Three Stooges.  He hosted the show before a live studio audience of young yat’s whose main goal in life at the time was to crawl through the large barrel that was part of the set.   He introduced each film segment with the refrain “start the cotton pickin program.” He appeared in the Three Stooges feature movie “The Outlaws is Coming” along with other Kiddy show hosts playing the role of “Billy the Kid.”  He was the rival of Johnny Miller on Johnny’s Follies and Uncle Henry Dupre of Popeye and Pals as they fought for the hearts and minds of New Orleans youth of the era.   Mack was also one of the city’s best-known TV sportscasters and one of the hosts of the Midday show on Channel 6.

Grip – A small suitcase, or an overnight bag. Some use this to refer to all suitcases.

Grunches – New Orleans urban legend.  Spooky goings on and paranormal events or high school hijinks?

Gris-Gris   – Pronounced <GREE-GREE>.  A (voodoo) spell. Can be used to wish bad luck or misfortune on someone (“to put a gris-gris on someone”), or as a force to ward off evil.

Gumbo  – A stew or soup originating in south Louisiana.  Everything in it but the kitchen zink.  Seafood, chicken, sausage or all of the above.