Fair Grounds Race Course   (Dah-Track) 1751 Gentilly Blvd., Thoroughbred  Horse Racing from Thanksgiving Day-March 31 at this historic track in operation since 1852.   it hosts Jazz Festival and other special events in the off-season.   Also has Slot machines and video poker and dining.

Falstaff Tower – Not Shakespeare.  The national beer brewer had a brewery located on Gravier Street in Mid City.  It was noted for its tower with a light on top which gave the weather forecast.  The tower was a vertical electrical sign spelling out “Falstaff” with a large ball on top. The ball would light up green if fair, red if cloudy, red and white if raining, and flashing red and white if storms were approaching. The letters spelling out “Falstaff” signaled the temperature; they flashed on and off if the temperature was constant and lit from top to bottom if temperatures were falling, and from bottom to top if rising.

Fats – (Antoine “Fats” Domino)  New Orleans music legend and most famous resident of “Da Nint Wawd”   All you need to say is Fats and anyone from New Orleans knows who you are speaking about.  The man who brought us “The Big Beat” isn original member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Enough said.

Fats Domino Music,

David Ferrie – was alleged by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to have been involved in a conspiracy to assassinate President John F. KennedyLee Harvey Oswald was in Ferrie’s Civil Air Patrol group at Lakefront Airport.   He flew Carlos Marcello back from his banishment to Guatemala by Bobby Kennedy.  Also a defrocked priest and cancer researcher.  A Noo Awlins renaissance man.
David Ferrie Books

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Administration – or whatever you make the letters stand for.

Fess  – (Henry Roeland Byrd, “Professor Longhair”)  was a quintessential New Orleans piano “Professor”.  Beginning in the heyday of early rhythm and blues in the late 40’sand with a later resurgence in the 70’s until his untimely death in 1980 he was a mainstay in the soundtrack of New Orleans.  His piano style combined rumba, mambo, and calypso.
Professor Longhair Music

Film, Television and Theatre people from or associated with New Orleans

Neferteri Shepherd, model and actress  films, tv and more
Bryan Batt, actor, author films, tv and more
Sandra Bullock, actress, resident films, tv and more
Paul Burke,  actor films, tv
Kitty Carlisle, actress, entertainer films, tv and more
John Carroll, actor and singer
Patricia Clarkson, actor films, tv
Marshall Colt, psychologist and former actor films, tv
Frank Davis, television journalist and cookbook author books
Ellen DeGeneres, comedian, talk show host films, tv
Vance DeGeneres, actor, screenwriter, and musician (bass) films, tv
Raquel “Rocsi” Diaz, television host and personality
Faith Domergue, actress films, tv
Donna Douglas, actress, former “Miss New Orleans” (Ellie Mae from The Beverly Hillbillies) films, tv
John Goodman, actor films, tv
Allison Harvard, actress, model films, tv
Dwight Henry, actor films, tv
Gloria Henry, actress films, tv
Cheryl Holdridge, actress  films, tv
Eddie Jemison, actor films, tv
Bayn Johnson, former child actress and singer
Leatrice Joy, actress
Dorothy Lamour, actress films, tv
John Larroquette, actor films, tv
Sabrina LeBeauf, actress films, tv
Anthony Mackie, actor
John “Spud” McConnell actor, radio host films, tv
Adah Isaacs Menken, actress
Taylor Miller, actress
Garrett Morris, comedian (SNL), actor films, tv
Arthel Neville, TV journalist  
Ed Nelson
, actor,  films,tv
Tyler Perry, actor, director films, tv   books
Wendell Pierce,  actor films, tv
Godfrey Reggio, experimental filmmaker/documentary filmmaker  films, tv
Al Shea, actor and theatre critic
Sydney Shields, stage actress
Richard Simmons, entertainer films, tv
Harold Sylvester, film actor films, tv
Jay Thomas, actor films, tv
Sam Trammell, actor, films, tv
Ben Turpin, silent film comedian
Ray Walston, actor films, tv
Carl Weathers,  actor, football player films, tv
Lucille Western, actress
Walter Williams, creator of Mr. Bill   films,tv
Cora Witherspoon, actress
Reese Witherspoon, actress  films, tv
Grace Zabriskie, actress  films, tv

Films Set in or Filmed in New Orleans

13 Sins  watch or buy

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars    watch or buy
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter       watch or buy 
Adulterers  watch or buy
Adventures of Captain Fabian  watch or buy
Albino Alligator   watch or buy
All Dogs Go to Heaven   watch or buy
Angel Heart   watch or buy
Armed Response (2017 film)  watch or buy
Assassination Games  watch or buy

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans  watch or buy
Beasts of the Southern Wild  watch or buy
Belle of the Nineties  watch or buy
Bending the Rules  watch or buy
The Big Easy (film)  watch or buy
Birth of the Blues  watch or buy
Black Like Me (film)  watch or buy
The Buccaneer (1938 film)  watch or buy
The Buccaneer (1958 film)  watch or buy
Buccaneer’s Girl  watch or buy
Bullet to the Head  watch or buy

The Call of Cthulhu   watch or buy
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh   watch or buy
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof    watch or buy
Cat People  watch or buy
The Chaperone  watch or buy
Christmas Holiday  watch or buy
The Cincinnati Kid watch or buy
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (film)  watch or buy

Déjà Vu   watch or buy
Dixiana (film)  watch or buy
Dixie (film)  watch or buy
Docks of New Orleans  watch or buy
Dracula 2000 watch or buy
Dragon Eyes  watch or buy
Drum (1976 film)  watch or buy
The Dukes of Hazzard  watch or buy

Easy Rider
  watch or buy
Elsa & Fred (2014 film)  watch or buy
Escape Plan (film)  watch or buy
The Expendables (2010 film)  watch or buy


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore  watch or buy
Film adaptations of Uncle Tom’s Cabin  watch or buy
Fire with Fire (2012 film)  watch or buy
The First 9½ Weeks  watch or buy
The Flame of New Orleans  watch or buy
Focus (2015 film)  watch or buy
The Foxes of Harrow  watch or buy
Frankie and Johnny (1966 film)  watch or buy
French Silk (film)  watch or buy

The Gambler from Natchez  watch or buy
Ghetto Stories (film)  watch or buy
Girls Trip  watch or buy
Glory Alley

Hands of Stone  watch or buy
Hard Target  watch or buy
Hell Baby  watch or buy
Hot Spell (film)  watch or buy
Hot Tub Time Machine 2  watch or buy
Hotel (1967 film)  watch or buy
Hours (2013 film)  watch or buy
Hurricane Season (film)   watch or buy

Inside Out (2011 film)  watch or buy
Interview with the Vampire (film)  watch or buy
Invisible Avenger  watch free
Invisible Sister  watch or buy

Jezebel (film)
  watch or buy
JFK (film)   watch or buy
Johnny Angel  watch or buy
Johnny Handsome  watch or buy

Kickboxer: Vengeance  watch or buy
Kidnap (2017 film)  watch or buy
King Creole  watch or buy

Lady from Louisiana
  watch or buy
The Last Exorcism Part II  watch or buy
Last Holiday (2006 film)  watch or buy
LBJ (film)  watch or buy
A Little Bit of Heaven (2011 film)  watch or buy
Live and Let Die (film)  watch or buy
The Love Mart
A Love Song for Bobby Long  watch or buy
Lulu Belle (film) watch or buy

Make Your Move (film)  watch or buy
Mardi Gras (1958 film)  watch or buy
Mardi Gras Massacre  watch or buy
Mardi Gras: Spring Break  watch or buy
The Mississippi Gambler (1953 film)  watch or buy
Mississippi Grind  watch or buy
Mr. Right (2015 film)  watch or buy
My Forbidden Past  watch or buy

Naughty Marietta (film)  watch or buy
Netherworld (film)  watch or buy
New Orleans (film)  watch or buy
New Orleans Uncensored  watch or buy
Night Has a Thousand Eyes  watch or buy
Nightmare (1956 film)
The Ninth Guest
No Mercy (film)  watch or buy
Now You See It…  watch or buy
Now You See Me (film)  watch or buy
Number One   watch or buy

Oldboy (2013 film)   watch or buy
On Hostile Ground
One Christmas (film)  watch or buy

Panic in the Streets (film)  watch or buy
The Pelican Brief (film)  watch or buy
The Power of Few  watch or buy
Pretty Baby (1978 film)  watch or buy
The Prince (2014 film)  watch or buy
The Princess and the Frog  watch or buy

  watch or buy
Red (2010 film)  watch or buy
Remember Sunday  watch or buy
The Rose Tattoo (film)  watch or buy
Ruby Bridges (film)  watch or buy
Runaway Jury  watch or buy
The Runner (2015 film)  watch or buy

Safe in Hell  watch or buy
Saratoga Trunk  watch or buy
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island  watch or buy
Self/less  watch or buy
Shark Night  watch or buy
Sinners and Saints (2010 film)  watch or buy
The Skeleton Key  watch or buy
Sonny (film)  watch or buy
Storyville (film)  watch or buy
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951 film)  watch or buy
A Streetcar Named Desire (1984 film)  watch or buy
A Streetcar Named Desire (1995 film)  watch or buy
Suddenly, Last Summer (film)  watch or buy
Syncopation (1942 film)   watch or buy

Tempted (film)  watch or buy
Tightrope (film)  watch or buy
The Toast of New Orleans  watch or buy
The Toy Wife

Undercover Blues  watch or buy
Until Death  watch or buy

Vendetta (1999 film)  watch or buy
The Virginity Hit  watch or buy

Walk on the Wild Side (film)  watch or buy
The Whole Truth (2016 film)  watch or buy
WUSA (film)  watch or buy


X-Men Origins: Wolverine  watch or buy

The Yellow Handkerchief (2008 film)  watch or buy

Zandalee  watch or buy
Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras  watch or buy

Flyin-hossiz (Flying Horses)  – A merry-go-round,  or carousel.

For  – a preposition  instead of “at” or “by” usually referring to a time “Betta git dere for 6.”.

Pete Fountain, musician, clarinet player, jazz, pop, and swing.  New Orleans king of the clarinet.  Rose to national fame on the Lawrence Welk Show.  Another Yat Hall of Famer.
Pete Fountain Music

French Quarter  Site of the first dry spot Bienville came across going up the river in 1717.  The Vieux Carre was the site of the original settlement of New Orleans in 1718.

Front-trum   (front room) – The front room in a shotgun house or the living room of any house.

FROSTOP – 1950’s and 1960’s burger chain with many locations in New Orleans at on time.  A few remnants exist such as Ted’s on Claiborne.  Noted for its giant root beer mug some of which have been converted to other sign’s (such as the former Roger King of Shrimp on St. Claude). Home of the Lot-O-Burger and one of the world’s greatest root-beer floats.

Fa-sure  (for sure) –  A statement of agreement. See YEAH YOU RITE.

Fa-true   -(for true)  As a question, it means “Is that so?” or “Ya kiddin’ (are you kidding me?). When phrased as a statement, it’s an affirmation.

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