Earl, Erl –   oil (vegetable or petroleum)

Eat-in-n-drink-in The food and cuisine of New Orleans, creole, cajun, soul, seafood, po-boys, muffs, restaurants, corner grocery’s, corner bars, cocktails, wine and beer. We do it bett-ah den anybody.


Ell-ess-shoe – LSU    – Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.  Geaux Tie-gas

Ernge, Urnge –  An orange-colored citrus fruit.

Ersters, Erstas     – Oysters.  Fried on a po-boy or a platter, or raw.  Chased down with a Barq’s or a Dixie.


Esplanade –   Walkway. The street name is pronounced <es’-pla-NADE>, rhymes with “raid”.  Also, a street dat runs from da riva to da pawk.

Mark Essex, A mass murderer who killed nine people, including five policemen, and wounded 13 others in New Orleans at NOPD headquarters on December 31, 1972, and at the Downtown Howard Johnson’s Hotel on January 7, 1973.