Dah–  The.

Dat –   That.

Frank Davis –  radio and television personality he was  “Naturally N’Awlins”   In 2014, the Louisiana State Legislature named the I-10 Twin Span Bridge  “The Five Mile Bridge” that links Orleans Parish and St. Tammany Parish over the eastern end of Lake Pontchartrain the “Frank Davis ‘Naturally N’Awlins’ Memorial Bridge.

Dawlin –  AKA – Darling. A universal form of address. Used by women to refer to both sexes, men towards women.

Dem –  Them.

Debris –  Not the stuff they gutted out ya house afta da storm!  It’s the residue of broken up Roast Beef in the gravy left over after the big pieces of meat are gone used to make a “Debris Po’Boy”

Dere –  There.

Dempsey’s Kick – Tom Dempsey, a football player(kicker) with the Saints  in 1970 kicked a 63-yard field goal to beat the Detroit Lions as time expired the longest field goal in NFL history until it was broken 43 years later.

Don Criqui CBS Tv call with plays leading to the kick

Dese  , Dose   – These, those.

Dixie – Famous song of the South published in New Orleans and the local beer.

Dis –  This.

Doe-doe  , Make doe-doe   – Sleep.

Doubloon   – A coin, approximately the size of a silver dollar, usually made of aluminum and thrown from Mardi Gras floats by the parade riders. Each Krewe (carnival organization) throws a new version each year.

Down Da Road –   Lower St. Bernard Parish down St. Bernard Highway.

Dresssed – A sandwich or  po-boy, “dressed” indicates lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayonnaise (AKA-Mynez).  Also known as “dragged through da garden”



Drive-in Theatres – You could “Do It At the Do” and other drive-in theatres in the New Orleans area, such as the Skyview, Airline, Westgate, St. Bernard and others until the early eighties.  Light your pic because the mosquitos are biting and let the rest of the kids out the trunk.  “And the real killer was…..The concession stand will close in five minutes!

Buddy Diliberto, sports journalist  See Buddy D in B

Ernie K-Doe, “Ernest Kador” singer, “Emperor of the Universe.” New Orleans R & B legend, WWOZ disc jockey and the proprietor of the Mother-in-Law Lounge.  Burn K-Doe Burn.


Dr. John “Mac Rebennack”, ‘The Doctor” is another New Orleans music legend.  Active as a session musician since the late 1950s, he gained a cult following in the late 1960s following the release of his album Gris-Gris   .Rebennack has recorded more than 20 albums and in 1973 scored a top-10 hit with “Right Place, Wrong Time“.The winner of six Grammy Awards, and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.   An honorary doctorate of fine arts from Tulane University made him officially a Doctor.  The Dr. also knows how to ‘tawk rite.”

Lee Dorsey, Nationally acclaimed R & B  singer, professional boxer, and body and fender man  considered by many to be the  “the best bondo man in town”


David Dixon, professional sports advocate for who fought to bring pro-football to New Orleans, and the leading force behind the building of the  Louisiana Superdome, a founder of the USFL, and  World Championship Tennis.